Best opportunity to win Superbowl?

Watching the game between Eagles and 49rs, I feel confident that Bengals will win their first Superbowl if they get past Chielf in the championship game.

Eagles pass rush is as good as RAMS from last year, but Bengals have improved their offensive line this year and their defense is still good. On top of that, Eagles are not as stout at stopping the run so that would help tremendously for Bengals to do play action and gain some yards on the ground.

The ultimate challenge will be stopping the Eagles running game and protecting Burrow just enough so he can keep the chains moving.

Considering we have Jessie Bates, Von Bell, Pratt and Wilson to be potential free agents and may not be back next year with Bengals, I feel confident that dream comes true for Bengals organization this year as they bring the trophy. home.

Mark this post and congratulate me after we win Superbowl this year. But before that first things first, take care of game in Kansas City, that would be more difficult to win than the Super Bowl game against Eagles.

Truly disappointed with 49rs game today, as they had no arial attack and were exposed after trailing by more than two touchdowns.

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