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Chiefs get multiple surprising calls on key downs vs Bengals

They were eventually awarded a first down.

It feels like the Cincinnati Bengals are playing both themselves and the refs as the Chiefs had multiple penalties that seemed to extend their drives in the fourth quarter.

From holdings to even a late intentional grounding play on Joe Burrow, the Bengals continued to be flagged, and it made a difference. On a drive in the fourth, that eventually ended as a punt, the play should’ve stopped by the ref, but the Chiefs got another play.

On top of that, they were then awarded the first down anyway as Eli Apple, who was among chirping throughout the week, held on the play.

Thankfully, this was ultimately a punt, and it made a huge difference as the Bengals got the ball back in their own half of the field with 2 minutes and 30 seconds remaining. They were then able to convert a 3rd and 16 to keep their drive alive.

Nonetheless, this was a difficult sequence for a defense that has been solid for most of the postseason.