Joseph Ossai and "the play"

This is the play that many will talk about/remember as the one the possibly lost us this game. This simply isn't the case Ossai has came a long was this season and I hope he takes this into the offseason and becomes a monster because we need pass rushing. The Ossai penaly was terrible and he knows he made a mistake and I was very angry at the time as well until I calmed down a bit.

Fans no 1 single play will win or lose a game and I'm sure we can all sit here and think of multiple plays throughout this game that could've helped changed the outcome of this one. I'll pick the 4th and 1 play where Mahomes throws a TD to Kelce, Kelce best TE in the game vs a guy who wants paid like he's the best safety in the game in Jesse Bates. Bates has been exposed these last 2 years for his coverage and that play was simply to easy if you're that guy you make the damn play. The other Bates play was with MVS reaching the ball out on the 3rd down where he was initially ruled short Bates was very close to that ball but reached out to get the ball instead he should'vs been diving to knock that ball away.

How about the lower punt and bad punt coverage on the final punt of the game??

How about no running game or even trying to even the ball??

What happens if Boyd doesn't get hurt?? This is why I want a game changing slot WR it's time to get these teams out of the cover 2 or make them pay for it.

As you can see there was plenty of plays to go around this game wasn't decided by Ossai and you can see the pain and anguish in that young man's eyes and voice tone he feels worse that anyone else on this team. Ossai nothing but love from this Bengals fan, I hurt but there's no one hurting as much as you don't beat yourself up over this use it as motivation. For the rest of the Bengal faithful I hope you all can get behind this young man in a 60 minute game not 1 single play will decide it. Great run, great season and let's get ready for 2023

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