Apparently, the Bengals are still in the Chiefs heads

I'll admit, the Mayor of Cincinnati didn't show much class in the "proclamation" he made or whatever they are calling it. It was immature and frankly, awkward (although funny, but still - I will give him credit for responding to kelce with class though). The mayor of kansas city didn't show much more class when he claimed that the Cincinnati's Mayor's comments were classless and didn't deserve a response...and then he went ahead and name called anyway.

But what I found interesting is that when up on the podium as the chiefs were accepting the AFC championship trophy, mahomes made it a point to clarify that it was "still Arrowhead, right?" Even worse was when kelce took shots at the Mayor of Cincinnati. Really? You are up there celebrating your great win and all you guys can talk about is the Burrowhead comment and the Cincy Mayor's comments? That's like giving a toast at your wedding and talking about your ex-girlfriend or something. Dude, you have to let it go! You won the game, enjoy it. The mean words can't hurt you, travis. You are accepting the AFC championship trophy and all you can think to talk about is your opponent?? Clearly, Cincinnati is still in the head of the chiefs.

See you next year!

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