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Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins set to visit Damar Hamlin in hospital

Heartwarming and wholesome.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has made incredible progress at University of Cincinnati Medical Center in the past two days. He’s neurologically intact, no longer in need of a breathing tube, and was able to speak to his teammates Friday morning via Zoom.

Hamlin will get to see a couple of visitors later today as well. Per WLWT’s Olivia Ray, Cincinnati Bengals receivers Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins will check in on Hamlin at the hospital.

This is significant for all three players. Hamlin and Boyd go back to their childhood days as Pittsburgh natives and have been close ever since, and the two will get to see each other in good spirits for the first time since Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during Monday night’s game. Higgins is obviously the player Hamlin tackled right before everything went down and has received ample support from Hamlin’s family this week. The two have also become friends through their mutual friendship with Boyd.

Boyd has also said he wants to wear Hamlin’s jersey this Sunday to honor his close friend, and the NFL has greater plans in that regard.

Players league-wide can sport black Nike T-shirts that read “Love for Damar 3” as all 32 teams this weekend will show solidarity before kickoff to go with a scoreboard graphic. On top of that, the league will allow teams to outline “3” at each 30-yard line marker in the Bills’ signature colors, blue or red.

It would be no surprise to see that happen at Paycor Stadium this Sunday.