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Eli Apple perfectly trolls Roger Goodell and NFL for coin flip decision

The Bengals let the NFL know where they can stick their coin.

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals secured their second-straight AFC North title earlier this week, but they also secured the home playoff game that comes with that by winning today against the Baltimore Ravens.

Following the fallout from Damar Hamlin going down on Monday Night Football due to cardiac arrest, the league rushed to change the rules on how tiebreakers were calculated if a game was canceled.

One of the big changes was the league giving the Ravens the ability to get a home playoff game — as if they won the division — despite not actually winning. That didn’t sit right with anyone in Cincinnati. Head coach Zac Taylor and Katie Blackburn made their grievances known leading up to the game, but the players made their grumblings known on the field.

This is where Eli Apple’s troll of Commissioner Roger Goodell comes in. A fan had brought a sign that looked like a coin with the commissioner’s face on it in clown makeup.

Apple was sure to find it post game and show it off to anyone who would look his way.

Apple and this team haven’t been shy about making their feelings heard. Running back Joe Mixon also celebrated by flipping a coin after scoring the game’s first touchdown.

This team is clearly embarrassing the idea that no one wants them to be winning like they have been. Who knows if or when their eight-game win streak will end at this point.

Here’s to hoping not anytime soon.