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Tee Higgins dealing with hip injury

Something to monitor.

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots Photo by Nick Grace/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are gearing up for a playoff run starting on Sunday Night Football with the Baltimore Ravens.

First, the team is taking stock of all the injuries the team suffered from the Bengals bout with the Ravens from Sunday.

One notable name that will be included — according to Dave Lapham — is wide receiver Tee Higgins.

Higgins left the game after a big hit in the second half when he was hit while fully extending to catch a pass. It was right around that area he was hit, so it’d make sense that this injury was suffered then.

Higgins was able to return to the game, so that is a positive sign for him possibly returning this week.

At the very least, expect to see his name on the injury report either limited or not practicing for at least a few days. If he isn’t able to go, it would be a pretty big hit for this offense potentially facing the best secondary they could see the entire postseason. This past Sunday, he and Joe Burrow just missed each other on two big plays.

Having Higgins around as that threat with Ja’Marr Chase and Tyler Boyd is what makes this passing attack so potent.