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Wild stat shows how important Bengals defense was in wins vs. Seahawks and Rams

And how bad the offense was...

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals escaped Week 6 with a win over the Seattle Seahawks, 17-13.

Cincinnati capped off two drives early with touchdown passes from Joe Burrow to Tyler Boyd and Andrei Iosivas.

But after those two scores, the Bengals offense stalled out for the remainder of the game.

ESPN Stats and Info has tracked 87 wins so far this season, according to Ben Baby of ESPN.

The Bengals’ yard-per-play differential of -1.44 (week three vs. Rams) and -1.41 (week six vs. Seahawks) are two of the worst in the league this season, according to Ben Baby.

The Bengals defense shut down the Seahawks not once but twice to seal the deal for Cincinnati’s third win of the season.

The Bengals tallied four sacks, eight tackles for loss, and two interceptions against the Seahawks.

The Bengals offense has some serious work to do during the bye week, but Burrow being healthy is a huge plus for this team.