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Should the Bengals trade for Darren Waller?

Could it happen, and would it make sense?

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins Photo by Rich Storry/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals offense has its share of problems this season. From Joe Burrow’s calf, struggles in the run game, and questions about play calling, the team needs something to get things back on track.

Is that “something” a new tight end? Irv Smith Jr. isn’t making an impact so far this season. Drew Sample is, well, Drew Sample. Through six games this season, the Bengals have gotten virtually nothing from the tight end position.

Cody Woodruff of USA Today’s For The Win thinks the Bengals should trade for New York Giants tight end Darren Waller.

“Waller is stuck on a Giants team going nowhere in a hurry, and he’s just too talented to get stuck in New York,” Woodruff said. “If the Giants would be willing to move Waller for a pick, Cincinnati should pick up the phone and make this happen. Tight end Irv Smith Jr. only has six catches for 32 yards this season, and he’s the team’s starter. The Bengals could add Waller to Smith and give the team a nice one-two punch at the position this season. New York could probably net mid-round draft compensation for Waller, who is still one of the more talented tight ends in the game. Cincinnati would benefit from making this happen.”

Waller is having a solid season in New York, tallying 28 catches for 281 yards. While they’re not eye-popping numbers, it is a big step up from what the Bengals have gotten so far. Waller does have a big contract, but the Bengals could get out of it after the season with no guaranteed money due if they felt the need.

Waller became a star with the Las Vegas Raiders and is now on a team looking to have no shot at the postseason, so maybe playing with Joe Burrow on a team with everything in front of them could benefit all parties involved.

Should the Bengals go after Waller? Let us know in the comment section!