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Stats show Joe Mixon is still struggling to make big plays

The Bengals' top running back has a large workload, but numbers aren’t booming.

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off what felt like a “must-win” over the Seattle Seahawks going into the bye week.

The Bengals offense has struggled to find consistency over the first six weeks.

In the backfield, Joe Mixon has dominated the running back snaps so far this season.

Mixon has tallied 96 carries for 366 yards but just one touchdown.

Out of the 54 running backs that have carried the ball at least 25 times this season, Joe Mixon currently ranks 40th in yards after contact, 42nd in breakout run percentage, and 44th in elusive rating, according to Joe Goodberry.

Adding to this, among all NFL running backs getting at least 20% of their respective team’s snaps, Pro Football Focus has Mixon ranked 40th overall, 35th in rushing grade, 41st in receiving grade, and tied for 24th in missed tackles forced.

Mixon is getting the workhorse back-type reps out of the backfield, but the stats show he is struggling to generate the big-time plays this offense needs.

Out of the bye, it could be a good chance to give rookie Chase Brown some more carries and split the backfield numbers up a bit.

The Bengals should also be looking to involve Chris Evans and Trayveon Williams more in the offense as well.