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Andy Dalton is 32 spots ahead of Joe Burrow in QB rating on deep passes

The end must be near.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

Okay Andy Dalton apologists, enjoy your 15 minutes.

Right now, Dalton is the #1 QB in the entire NFL in terms of QB rating on deep passes, with a rating of 141.4.

Joe Burrow, meanwhile, is 33rd with a QB rating of 49.5.

Now for some context.

Dalton has only attempted a throw in one game this season, though he did fire off 58 passes. He completed 34 of them for 361 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions. His team, the Carolina Panthers, lost the game to the Seattle Seahawks.

Still, the former Bengals QB had some big plays down the field in his only action, including multiple deep passes to D.J. Chark (a 47-yard touchdown and another 28-yard completion) and Adam Thielen (one for 25 yards and two for 23 yards).

Burrow, meanwhile, has struggled through his worst season yet, largely due to a lingering calf injury. It was clear that the superstar Cincinnati QB had trouble planting his foot and getting velocity on his throws up until the Bengals’ victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 5. As a result, he couldn’t complete passes much beyond the line of scrimmage.

At any rate, this is not what fans envisioned when Dalton was benched unceremoniously and eventually replaced by Burrow in the 2020 Draft.

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