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Three and Out Podcast: Niners Pregame Show

We’re back and talking about football. The bye week is over. The Bengals have football to play.

Kevin and I are back this week on Three and Out, brought to you by Eastgate Smiles, and we have a football game to discuss. The bye week is over, and on Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals face the San Francisco 49ers in the Bay Area.

We break down some key matchups between the Bengals and Niners, including Trey Hendrickson vs. Trent Williams (if he plays), Nick Bosa vs. Orlando Brown Jr., and various Bengals defenders vs. George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey.

Despite the Niners’ injuries and two-game losing streak, we make it very clear that this is a team to be respected.

And good teams, which the Niners are very much, don’t lose three games in a row very often. The Bengals’ offense will need to be out of their funk in order to pull it off.

Based on both of our game predictions, Kevin and I think the Bengals will pull it off. Thanks for watching/listening, and remember to check out the rest of OBI here.

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