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Zac Taylor praises Tee Higgins, whose mom is recovering from a car wreck

Tee’s mother was in a car wreck recently but is doing okay.

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Tee Higgins has had a fairly disastrous beginning to his contract season so far. He had one solid game, the team’s Week 2 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, but other than that he’s been non-existent.

Of course, his rib injury didn’t help, and neither have the issues overall with the offense, mostly stemming from Joe Burrow’s calf injury, which prevented the offense from working together this offseason.

Despite the slow start, Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor is appreciative of what he brought to the offense over the last couple weeks, even if he wasn’t able to produce like he usually would. He also said he thinks Higgins feels better now.

“I think it’s unfair to look at his body of work the last couple weeks,” Taylor told reporters this week. “He’s been way less than full speed, and I appreciate him going out there and, even though he’s not full speed, it still takes the attention from the defense away and allows other guys to be productive as well.

“Just having him out there these last couple weeks, the last game in particular, was very helpful, and he looks like he’s feeling better. He’d have to answer on exactly how he feels, but it seems like things are in a good place there.”

Tee Higgins isn’t the only one recovering from injury. His mother got in a terrible car wreck in which her vehicle was flipped upside down.

Thankfully she’s okay.

Higgins addressed the media about his mother’s recovery and thanked everyone for their love.

The Bengals, coming out of the bye week, which has hopefully helped them get healthy, face a 49ers team coming off two consecutive losses and suffering from a few key injuries. This game is important to both teams, but considering winning would put the Bengals on the plus side for the first time this season, and the fact that every AFC North team won last week, this one feels like another must-win for the Bengals.

Hopefully, Higgins is fully healthy and just goes off on the Niners.

And hopefully, his mother continues to heal and get fully healthy as well.