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Was Ted Karras robbed of a potential touchdown vs. 49ers?

The Teddy Tuddy that never was...

In the Cincinnati Bengals’ 31-17 win against the San Francisco 49ers, the team made several plays when they needed them most. From big first-down pickups to turnovers by the defense, the stars on both sides of the ball were ready when their number was called.

Do you know who else was ready? Ted Karras.

Early in the fourth quarter, Karras found himself with the football in his hands with nothing but green grass in front of him. As Karras scooped the ball up and took off, he was suddenly living the offensive lineman’s dream... until he wasn’t.

Unfortunately, the play was (incorrectly) blown head by the officials, and Karras will be forced to live with “What if?”

Would a 49ers defender have caught Karras? One could say it was likely, but there is no way to prove that Karras wouldn’t have put the moves on them and found pay dirt.

Karras and Ja’Marr Chase had some fun after the game after the gift that is next-gen stats clocking how fast Karras was moving on the play.

Karras had fun with it, but it certainly looks like that was a live ball, and Karras was robbed of his shot at glory. It not only took points off the board for the Bengals, but it took away what would have been a very cool moment for us all.

One day, we will get the Teddy Tuddy we all deserve.