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Will the Bengals win the AFC North?

How confident are you in the Bengals winning the division after their massive road triumph over the 49ers?

Cincinnati Bengals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

Greetings, Bengals fans!

I think it’s safe to say everyone in Bengaldom is a lot more confident about Cincinnati today than before Sunday’s kickoff with the San Francisco 49ers.

Not only did the Bengals face one of the two or three toughest challenges in the NFL currently in facing the Niners in their own building, but they also won in dominant fashion.

So, are you ready to say the Bengals will storm back and win the AFC North for a third straight season? Or will the Baltimore Ravens maintain their lead and hold on to win the North? Baltimore currently holds what’s effectively a two-game lead at 6-2 compared to the 4-3 Bengals. Or maybe you think the 4-3 Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Steelers will get hot and win the division.

Let us know what you think in this week’s Bengals Reacts Survey!

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