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Brian Callahan makes infuriating statement about Bengals offense

The Bengals currently have arguably the worst and easily the most disappointing offense in the NFL.

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp The Enquirer-USA TODAY Sports

Things are pretty bad in Cincinnati right now, and the main culprit is the Bengals offense.

Through four weeks, the Bengals have had arguably the NFL’s worst offense, scoring three offensive touchdowns while being held to three points in two different games.

Yes, Joe Burrow on one and a half calves isn’t helping, but there’s no question head coach Zac Taylor and offensive coordinator Brian Callahan have enough to work with to put up more than three touchdowns in four games.

Making matters worse is Callahan, whether he meant to or not, essentially placed blame on the players for not executing during a Wednesday press conference.

It’s even more infuriating to read when you realize “roll out a whole new style of offense” is exactly what the Bengals did in 2022 to revive their season following a 2-3 start.

Yes, not having a healthy Burrow makes this harder to do, but it’s not impossible. At least it shouldn’t be for a real NFL head coach and OC.

Time for Zac and Brian to earn those paychecks.

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