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Three and Out Podcast: Strong Opinions

What to make of the 2023 Bengals thus far.

This week, Kevin and I decided we didn’t want to talk about the Tennessee Titans game. It was too painful. Instead, Kevin shared his opinion on what exactly went wrong and how the Cincinnati Bengals reacted to it, which has brought them to their 1-3 record as they head into Week 5.

First, Kevin specifically blamed head coach Zac Taylor for his inability to win games without a fully healthy Joe Burrow, saying that the team is too talented to be 1-3 and that the team’s strategy and play calling should have been adjusted.

I then made a case as to why Burrow should be shut down until the bye week. I argued that every snap Burrow takes while the offense struggles to move the ball, he slows his progress to being back at 100%. If the offense isn’t working with him in the game, it’s not worth the risk to play him.

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