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Ja’Marr Chase still shining despite Bengals’ disastrous start

Superstars succeed no matter what, and #1 is proving that.

Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports

After the loss on Sunday, the media asked Chase if he or any other receivers were having issues getting open and if that was a cause of the lack of offensive spark.

He laughed at the question and stated, “I’m always F$#&ing open.”

It’s no shock the Bengals' offense is stuck in quicksand, and they’re trying to find a solution to get out.

Despite catching at least five passes in every game, Chase still hasn’t found the end zone. But that’s not necessarily his fault since, according to him, he’s always open.

Not every team has superstars. Not every team gets a chance at a superstar. The Bengals have been blessed with two of them, at least. Ja’Marr Chase is a freak athlete, and everybody who knows him or plays with him knows it.

Once Burrow lands on his feet steadily, mark my words, Chase’s touchdown tally on the year will start to rise and rise fast.

Even with the slow start, Chase is projected to rack up 120+ catches and over 1,200 yards, which is only 250 yards short of a career-high year.

With this consistency, this offseason will be very interesting in regards to contracts. The Bengals have two star receivers in Chase and Higgins. They tried to re-sign Higgins this past offseason, but negotiations didn’t go as planned.

Higgins has had one good game this season, collecting two touchdowns vs. the Ravens.

Burrow has stated in several interviews that he believed his contract would allow the Bengals to be able to re-sign everybody back, but obviously, that’s not guaranteed, just hopeful.

Despite not being signed in the offseason, all we can hope for is for Higgins to help turn the season around, get back to his normal self, then sign a long-term deal or become franchise-tagged in the 2024 season, as they sign Chase to keep him and Burrow together even longer.