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Tony Romo thinks Lou Anarumo will be a head coach next year

Some think he should be one now.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

This week on Good Morning Football, in the clip below, noted that the Cincinnati Bengals could have the best defense in the league. While not all the praise can be heaped on the defensive coordinator, some certainly can be.

Lou Anarumo is a magician after halftime, having locked down Patrick Mahomes in the playoff, Josh Allen in the playoffs, and more recently, Brock Purdy, who, prior to this last three-game stretch, had a terrific start to the season.

The Bengals were underdogs as they went into San Fran this past weekend and came with a highly impressive 31-17 victory. Cincinnati’s offense started to click, and forcing two interceptions by Purdy, the defense is as well.

Anarumo was interviewed for a head coaching job this past offseason but didn’t end up receiving the offer. Tony Romo, on the CBS broadcast of the Bengals’ game, thinks that luck will change this upcoming offseason.

The Bengals haven’t had the most dynamic defense this season. They rank 16th in opponents' points per game and 27th in opponents' yards per game, but when the going gets tough, they answer the call.

They are among the best red-zone defenses in the league, and that’s in huge part because of the adjustments made by Anarumo.

He should expect to hear offers again this offseason, and it may be tough for the Bengals to continually retain their coordinator. He has been with the team since 2019 and has been on the defensive side of an NFL team since joining the Dolphins as their defensive backs coach in 2012.

Most around the league expect him to have a good shot at becoming a head coach this offseason, and if the Bengals make another deep playoff run, it will likely be a foregone conclusion he’ll be heading elsewhere at that point.