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Bengals vs. Ravens odds for NFL Week 11

Here’s what Vegas thinks of the Bengals vs. Ravens on Thursday Night Football.

No matter how hard we try, time marches on.

We’re already halfway through the season, as unfortunate as that sounds. Now that the Cincinnati Bengals have lost to the Houston Texans at home, they travel to face the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football on short rest.

The Bengals (5-4) and the Ravens (7-3) faced each other in Week 2 in Cincinnati when Lamar Jackson and the Ravens narrowly escaped the defending division champs 27-24. The Bengals struggled greatly through the first four weeks of the season before going on a four-game winning streak to get back in the playoff race, but they’re now out of the playoffs if the season ended today.

As of now, DraftKings believes the Ravens have the advantage, but only slightly, giving them a 3.5-point advantage, which basically means their advantage equals home-field advantage.

DraftKings has, at least for now, set the over/under at 46 points. Considering the pregame over/under of the Texans-Bengals game was 47 and ended up at 57, they must believe the matchup will be a typically AFC North defensive slugfest.

A win will further propel the Bengals toward the ultimate goal of being the first team to win the division in three consecutive years. A loss not only enlarges the gulf between the Ravens and Bengals for the right to host at least one playoff game but also increases the odds that the road to the Super Bowl will go through Baltimore.

Will the Bengals pull the upset in primetime?