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Trey Hendrickson expects to play vs. Ravens, per report

Massive news for the Bengals.

Sunday’s loss to the Houston Texans was brutal. No two ways about it.

Perhaps the most painful part of it wasn’t the loss, however. It was watching Trey Hendrickson down on the field, writhing in pain after Houston’s final offensive play.

Hendrickson isn’t just the Bengals’ best pass rusher. He’s also become one of the NFL’s best overall defenders, so losing him would be absolutely crippling.

As fate would have it, Hendrickson’s injury turned out to be ‘just’ a hyperextension, something he could easily come back from in a week or two...right?

How about four days?

That’s the time between Sunday and Thursday’s clash with the Baltimore Ravens. And against the odds, Hendrickson is going to play in the game, according to Kelsey Conway of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

This is tremendous news for the Bengals defense, which will likely be without fellow defensive end Sam Hubbard (ankle). Losing him stings, but not having either defensive end against a vaunted Ravens offense could be insurmountable.

Here’s to hoping Hendrickson not only plays, but also makes it through the game with no setbacks. The Bengals need him if they’re going to make a run to the NFL Playoffs, as they currently sit out one game out of one of the Wild Card spots.