Micheal Carter RB Jets, should we put a claim in??

With the Jets just cutting Carter and our lack of production from any other back I have to ask the question should we put in a waiver claim. He's very similar to Giovanni Bernard and they both came from UNC. He's a very capable pass catching RB which is something we're lacking and he does have some giddy up in the running game, I don't know that he would fully fit into our run scheme. Then again I honestly don't know what our run scheme is, against the 49ers we're quick hitting with traps against the Bills we're tossing the ball wide and losing 5 yards a carry and staying in shotgun. Chris Evans was supposed to fill this void but it's become pretty apparent that we simply have no role for or confidence in using Evans which I personally think is on Taylor kid has talent. So what does everyone think should we kick the tires on bringing in Carter??

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