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Bengals hit with horrific game-changing DPI call in Baltimore

DJ Turner did nothing wrong.

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Jeff Dean/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are battling the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night and the zebras. The refs have done Cincinnati no favors, and it was a terrible defensive pass interference call on DJ Turner II that could change the outcome of the game.

The Bengals had Baltimore at a 1st and 20 following an offensive holding call. However, that was quickly erased with one of the worst defensive pass interference calls of the season. For 28 yards and down to the Cincinnati 34, the Ravens marched after it.

It was Zay Flowers who drew the penalty with just under 50 seconds to go. The Ravens went on to score and cap off a 14-point second quarter that helped them go into the half up 21-10.

Adding injury to insult, Turner has since left the game with an injury. Just a brutal night for the Bengals.

Both teams have more than five penalties and have allowed more than 70 yards from those.... before the fourth quarter. It has been an ugly game to watch as the refs have taken over, from DPI calls to aggressive delay of game flags as well.

Hopefully, the NFL shows these refs the replay of the plays after the game.