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Zac Taylor sends message that the Bengals’ season is not lost

What a brutal night it was for the Cincinnati Bengals, but the season isn’t over.

It was a brutal night for the Cincinnati Bengals world, as the team fell to the Ravens 34-20.

The Bengals lost Burrow in the second quarter to a wrist injury, and Cam Taylor-Britt left with a quad injury as well.

The NFL Officiating was arguably the worst it has ever been, with some of the most egregious pass interference calls that were called out by all kinds of national outlets.

At the end of the day, the Bengals have now fallen to 5-5 on the season and 0-3 in the AFC North.

After the game, head coach Zac Taylor had a message for the team.

“This was certainly a big game for us, and guys were excited about on the road. It didn’t go our way,” Taylor said after the loss.

Taylor went on to say, “In a long season like this, we gotta be able to regroup, and we know what kind of guys we got in the locker room. We have done this kind of situation before, and we have to rally here.”

The Bengals have seven games left in the season and would need to win out in order to have a true shot at the playoffs.

“Great opportunity at home against Pittsburgh to get started on the right track,” Taylor stated when discussing the remainder of the season