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John Harbaugh and media ridiculously blame Logan Wilson for Ravens injuries; Zac Taylor defends LB

Don’t be ridiculous.

So, what happens when a linebacker who has NEVER been called for a personal foul in his career in the NFL happens to make tackles that seem to hurt multiple players in one game?

Well, the obvious answer is that NFL fans and analysts are smart enough to realize that injuries happen and they are an unfortunate part of the game, but since this particular player has no history of injuring others, it should be written off as a weird coincidence.



Just take a look at what people said about Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson during Thursday’s game vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

Those are prominent NFL analysts and one absolute tool (see if you can figure out which one I’m talking about) basically insinuating that Wilson somehow intentionally injured Ravens players Mark Andrews and Odell Beckham Jr. while attempting to knock Lamar Jackson out of the game.

There really isn’t much I need to say to defend Wilson. None of the tackles were overly brutal or even dirty helmet-to-helmet hits. They were unfortunate accidents.

The NFL will probably do away with hip-drop tackles in the future because players have gotten hurt with them in the past, but it’s not like Wilson invented that style of tackle or is the only player who uses it.

Until the NFL makes that tackle illegal, Wilson, again, did nothing wrong, and when John Harbaugh questioned if it was necessary, I guess he would have rather the linebacker pick him up like a baby and carry him to the end zone.

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor defended the recently extended linebacker right at the end of his Friday press conference.

“I do have one more thing I want to say, because one thing that’s frustrating was the narrative that’s been brought up about Logan Wilson. Logan is everything we want to be about in the way he plays the game. He plays with a toughness and a physicality that is important to the position. It’s kind of been brought to my attention the narrative out there right now, which I think is completely reckless.

“He plays the game the right way, and I think people have gotten ahead of themselves, labeling him a certain way, and it’s frustrating to see that because I know what he’s about and he plays the game the right way. It’s unfortunate when a player gets injured. But he’s a guy I’m very proud to coach, I’m proud to have as part of this team, but frustrating and a little bit maddening when you see the narrative that started running loose on him because that’s not the case at all.”

This is football.

Injuries happen. They happened in the first season. They’ll happen in the last season.

Joe Burrow is done for the season, and you don’t see Bengals fans screaming at the Ravens for doing it intentionally.

Grow up, people. Be better.