Let's get W against Steelers [Litmus test for coaches]

After watching Steelers-Browns game today, I wanted to share my thoughts on our next game against Steelers. Our biggest challenge going into this game is obviously quarterback play and how the team is going to rally against all the odds since they lost their most valuable player for the season.

I have faith in coach Zac and company to prepare the team for this challenge but would like to contribute via my thoughts.

1. Stop the run, especially when Jaylen Warren carrying the ball.

2. Do better tackling and restrict yards after contact. I know defense is not elite, but you are top 15, right? Greg Pickens and Diontae Johnson are going to make plays, but please do not give up 20 plus yard plays. "Bend but not break" mentality should be Defense focus.

3. Offensive line sucks for pass protection, are you slightly better with running the ball? Joe Mixon and Trayveon William can pound the ball if the line improves their performance slightly.

4. Offensive coordinator needs to show some creativity so Jake can throw some 5–15-yard balls and move the chains. We have elite wide receivers, right? Since our offensive line sucks, we need to make quick throws and keep TJ Watt away from backfield. I think Jake has the right attitude, but his success is really dependent upon offensive play calling which has been suspect for a long time. With Joe Burrow injured, we can really evaluate the credibility of these coaches.

Final thought: If Browns, Colts, Vikings can aspire playoff run, why cannot Bengals? Bengals are capable of winning at least against Vikings, Colts and Steelers from the remaining schedule. We can be competitive against Browns if they stick with DTR in the final game of the season.

Random thought: I do not think Browns would stick with DTR as their quarterback for long time, I would rather start PJ Walker any day. Browns D is playing great, but I do not think they can go deep in playoff run with their current quarterback situation. On the flip side, at least they are going to playoffs this year.

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