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Joe Burrow credits Ted Karras with much of the Bengals’ success

According to the quarterback, Karras is so much more than just the team’s center.

Syndication: The Enquirer Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

When the Cincinnati Bengals brought in Ted Karras in the offseason before the 2022 season, I knew exactly what kind of guy they were getting.

Almost immediately, Karras threw himself into the local culture, joining the Bengals PR team to learn the origins of the Who Dey Chant. I also knew they were getting a two-time Super Bowl champion center, who by all accounts, is a great leader and locker room guy.

He took every snap at center in 2022 other than seven and has taken every snap so far this year except for one. So far, PFF has him graded as the seventh-best pass-blocking center in the NFL (out of centers who have taken 80% of the snaps), but according to Joe Burrow, so much of what Karras does that is important to the team is done off the field.

From Karras’ Cincy Hat venture, which created a revenue stream for The Village of Merici, an Indianapolis living community for adults with disabilities, to his outburst aimed towards the Tennessee Titans as the Bengals walked off the field victorious after their 2022 game, Karras has been a fan-favorite for the last two seasons.

His leadership in the locker room and on the field, paired with his philanthropic efforts, make him a fan favorite now, and hopefully for years to come. I’m sure Burrow, as well as the vast majority of Bengals fans, would love to see Karras in Cincinnati for the rest of his career.