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Ja’Marr Chase promises big TD celebration with the help of Chad Johnson

Could it happen?

Cincinnati Bengals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase already took a page out of Chad Johnson’s book with his new 7-Eleven “always open” campaign. Johnson coined the phrase in the mid 2000s, and Chase adopted it after a loss to the Tennessee Titans. Johnson embraces the new generation carrying on the lighthearted trash talk.

Johnson was also known for his elaborate touchdown celebrations. Hall of Fame jackets, putting with the pylon, and even taking control of a TV camera are just a few of Ochocinco’s signature celebrations.

Chase seems to have enjoyed the TV camera celebration, as he vowed to recreate it this week if he scores a touchdown, but there’s a catch.

Chase agreed to do the celebration, provided Johnson picks up the tab from the guaranteed fine handed down by the NFL. Chase is in luck, though.

Within an hour of the video being posted, Johnson responded with what I think we all knew he would.

Of course, Chad offered to pay the fine. After all, he’s known for leaving generous tips, so of course, he’s willing to help out a current Bengals star who is still on his rookie contract.

So with Johnson’s promise, Chase’s idea, and what is sure to be an electric atmosphere at Paycor Stadium, all that’s left is one thing: Chase getting in the end zone.