Gambling and the Injury Report

We are all familiar with the Burrow injury issue. I will predict how Sam Wyche would handle the injury report in this situation. Everyone, at least most players, have dings and bruises by this point of the season. Some deemed not able to play. They are obviously out. Others have issues on a sliding scale of severity. Some minor ones are unlisted. Some are listed as probable. Some are listed as questionable. Gamblers use this to make a betting decision. Opposing teams use them to strategize their game plan. Burrow wasn't listed. Burrow says he was fine going into and during the game until his last throw. Gamblers are way pissed that they lost and the NFL wants to court them for competitive and financial reasons and the Bengals are being investigated. IMO gambling is going to be a real thorn in the side of the game and it is going to come to a head one way or another probably to the detriment if the game.

Here is how I visualize Sam Wyche would handle it. He would designate every player obviously seriously injured as out. I would then list every one of likely 20 or more players with a bruise, sore knee, or elbow or finger or ankle or rib on the probable or questionable designation, and a game time decision. Nobody, including gamblers, can say anyone with even a ding wasn't listed. Then I would put the team on the field. If questioned the trainers would verity any issues as being reported as I would have the players tell them the day before the game. Injuries are a matter of degree and who but the player knows how much it is affecting him. Can the NFL mandate that a player go on the field if he feels injured? Does the NFL review all of the injury reports and individually inspect every player? There are likely some safeguards in place but in light of this situation I wouldn't put it past Wyche to at least test it to the limit.

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