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Jonah Williams blocked for Jake Browning in high school

The Bengals starting quarterback has familiarity with one of the members of the offensive line

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For the second time in Joe Burrow’s four-year career, the starting quarterback’s season has come to an end before Thanksgiving.

Back in 2020, Burrow suffered a season-ending knee injury, and most recently, Burrow’s season came to a close against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Cincinnati Bengals currently sit at 5-5 on the season with seven games remaining in the regular season.

Zac Taylor and company have turned to backup quarterback Jake Browning to take over the offensive unit.

Browning showed flashes of composure in the second half against the Ravens and even led a touchdown drive to close out the game.

As Browning takes over officially this upcoming weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he does have some long time familiarity with the Bengals right tackle.

Jonah Williams blocked for Jake Browning at Folsom High School in California.

Browning and Williams played from 2014-2016, as Browning posted over 16,700 passing yards and 229 touchdown passes.

The two will look to produce together again for the remainder of the season.