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Bengals vs. Bills Week 9 Madden simulation

We simulated the Bengals vs Bills in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the Week 9 game.

Bengals Bills Week 9 Madden highlights

The Cincinnati Bengals have an important matchup against an AFC opponent in prime time. With Joe Burrow finally starting to look like himself again the Bengals have lots of hope going up against the Buffalo Bills who will be motivated after the playoff loss last season.

With that in mind, let’s take a look and see who Madden thinks will pull out the win Sunday night.

The Bengals start off with the ball and end up punting to the Bills, who quickly drive down the field and score first on a short touchdown pass to Dalton Kincaid.

Dalton Kincaid touchdown

Bills: 7 - 0

The Bengals get the ball back and start driving down the field. They are able to quickly tie it up with a touchdown strike to Ja’Marr Chase across the middle.

Ja’Marr Chase touchdown

Tied: 7 - 7

The Bengals kick off, but on the return, the Bills fumble, and the Bengals get the ball back with great field position, they are able to quickly score on a strike to Tee Higgins running a slant like Ja’Marr Chase scored on the prior drive.

Tee Higgins touchdown

Bengals: 14 - 7

The Bills receive the kickoff, but the drive stalls out around the 50, and the Bills are forced to punt. With under 2 minutes remaining Joe Burrow is able to drive the Bengals down the field, but the drive ends short of the endzone as Evan McPherson makes a field goal from the 14 as time expires in the first half.

Evan McPherson field goal

Bengals: 17 - 7

After the first half ends, the Bills receive the second-half kickoff down two scores. They manage to cut the deficit on 2nd and Goal when Josh Allen is able to break the pocket and use his legs to pick up the touchdown.

Josh Allen touchdown

Bengals: 17 - 14

With the score, the Bills have brought it back to a one-possession game and will want to keep it that way. However, it doesn’t stay that way for long as Chris Evans is back returning kicks and is able to take the kickoff all the way and give the Bengals the two-possession lead once again.

Chris Evans touchdown

Bengals: 24 - 14

The Bills are once again challenged to keep the game close down 10, but this time, they falter, as the Bengals are able to get a sack to kill the drive. With the ball and the potential to have this game firmly in hand, they drive down the field and are able to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter after a Herculean effort by Joe Mixon to get in the endzone.

Joe Mixon touchdown

Bengals 31- 14

The Bills offense goes on hyper drive and is able to score in under 2 minutes with a touchdown strike to Gabe Davis. Showing they aren’t going to just roll over and give up quite yet.

Gabe Davis touchdown

Bengals: 31 - 21

After the Bills touchdown, the Bengals receive, and on the first play of the drive, Burrow and Chase connect on a deep strike to bring them to the 20-yard line. The drive concludes there, and McPherson is forced to kick a field goal after not being able to take much time off the clock due to the deep play.

Evan McPherson second field goal

Bengals: 34 - 21

The Bills have brought the difference back to just two scores and once again quickly drive down the fields after Stefon Diggs gets behind the defense for a deep completion. Once in the red zone, Allen again finds Gabe Davis for a touchdown on an out route, bringing the score difference to just six with 2 minutes left and the Bills still having three timeouts.

Gabe Davis second touchdown

Bengals: 34 - 28

Following the touchdown, the Bills kick off and just need to get a quick stop to have a chance. It is not meant to be though, as Joe Mixon is able to break a tackle to secure the first on 3rd and 3 and the Bengals are able to kneel it out to secure a hard-fought win that ended closer than it seemed it would at several points.

Final score

Final Score: Bengals: 34 - 28