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Time running out for Bengals to win a Super-Bowl with Joe Burrow and Zac Taylor?

According to history, time is dwindling.

Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are trying to piece together the rest of the season as they play without quarterback Joe Burrow due to injury.

Now, with the playoff ship seemingly sailing away, the team needs to win some games quickly if they hope to sneak into the final Wild Card spot. But that might not be the only thing sailing away.

Joe Goodberry shared a stat on Twitter Monday morning that puts a little pressure on the Bengals team to make a run to the Super Bowl next season.

According to the stat, no QB-Coach combo has ever won their first Super Bowl after five years together.

Why is that so important for Bengal fans? Next season is Year 5 of Burrow and Zac Taylor being together.

With pressure already coming down on Taylor for this season, even during the games Burrow was healthy for, it appears that could only get ramped up more in the next several seasons.

Seeing this stat might make many believe that the Super Bowl loss against the Los Angeles Rams could be the one opportunity Burrow and Taylor will have to win that first ring. It isn’t going to be easy, but when healthy, this team has all the tools to make the run once again.

Now, will they fall in line with this stat or be the first team in NFL history to win after their fifth year together?

That's a question we will just have to wait to find out the answer to.