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Joe Burrow is now sitting in on defensive meetings and impressing Lou Anarumo

Despite being done for the year, the franchise QB is taking every opportunity to improve.

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Joe Burrow might be out for the season, but he’s still doing everything he can to be a part of the team and continue to improve as a player.

Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo appeared on Up & Adams today, and host Kay Adams asked him where Burrow is in the building. Anarumo had a lot to say:

“It’s so funny you ask that question. He’s such a football junkie that he’s sitting in on defensive meetings just to see how that stuff goes so he can pick it up. He was in our third down install meeting this morning on defense. He’s interacting with the players. He’s one of a kind, that’s for sure.

“I asked him a question. He responded today very well. He made it very profound, ‘Hey, I would do this against that.’ And I didn’t expect anything else from him. He was terrific this morning.”

Anarumo and Adams also discussed how valuable it is to have Burrow mentor Jake Browning, who has taken Burrow’s place in the starting lineup. But can Browning really run the same offense?

We discuss what the Bengals offense needs to do to give Browning a chance in our most recent show:

You can also listen to the analysis on iTunes or using the player below: