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The Chiefs may have been screwed vs. the Bills, and Patrick Mahomes went nuclear

Officiating... again.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs fan bases have developed their own rivalry over the last three seasons. From regular season thrillers to AFC Championship Game close calls, they have met for some thrilling meetings as of late.

In those matchups, officiating has been a hot topic from both sides.

Sunday afternoon, the Chiefs took on the Buffalo Bills in a game that does have implications for the Bengals’ postseason hopes, and to end the game, the topic was once again... officiating.

Kansas City pulled off what appeared to be a miracle when Patrick Mahomes completed a pass to Travis Kelce, who then lateraled the ball to Kadarius Toney.

Toney raced to the end zone and it appeared the Chiefs pulled off a miraculous play to win the game... until the officials called Toney for an offensive offsides penalty.

The call led to an on-field tantrum from Mahomes that spilled over into the postgame press conference. Mahomes had to be restrained from the officials on the field and was heard complaining about the call to Josh Allen at their postgame handshake, saying Toney was “barely offsides” in the press conference.

“Barely offsides” is, of course... still offsides.

Chiefs fans’ rebuttal was a play where a still image appears to show Bills defensive end Von Miller lining up offside on a play on the same drive.

Toney was clearly offsides from multiple angles. Miller appears to be from this one angle.

What do you say? Did the Chiefs get the short end of the stick on this one? Let us know in the comments!