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Orange and Black Insider Bengals Fan Highlight: The Bengal Boys

We were able to have a chat with Alex and Parker of The Bengal Boys!

Since Kevin and I started the Orange and Black Insider’s Bengals Fan Highlight as a monthly feature, we’ve met Bengal Jim, Tony Da Tiger, The Bengals Captain and the WhoBey (Jess).

This month, we’re excited to present our interview with Alex and Parker of The Bengal Boys, the Nashville-based band that parodies popular songs with a Cincinnati Bengals twist. Songs of theirs include “Never Going to Give Lou Up,” “Mr. Rightside,” and, most recently, “Sir Jake,” based on THE Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke.”

We got the details on how they became Bengals fans when they started making music, their move to Nashville, and their own personal projects, and we got to peek behind the curtain at their creative process.

Enjoy, and if you know someone you feel should be covered in the next Bengals Fan Highlight, find us on Twitter or drop a comment here.

Who Dey!