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The Bengals are clicking at the best possible time

Will it be enough to get them into the playoffs?

The NFL Playoffs are so close, yet so far away, and this Cincinnati Bengals team has found a new level of playing, and it’s beloved by everyone around.

There are a few different perspectives to look at here.

The Bengals are in a fun spot but also a horrible spot when it comes to the AFC Playoff Picture due to current tiebreakers.

They sit in a fun spot simply because they’re just playing football, and to be honest, they look just as good as the Bengals we all know. They lost their QB and are now relying on a backup, and everything is hitting in stride.

Jake Browning is just playing off the charts. Kay Adams broke down a few of his stats the other day, and she showed he ranks in the top five of some of the main statistical passing categories, including passing yards per game, touchdown-to-interception ratio, and completion percentage.

Adams also praised Trey Hendrickson for what he’s done this season, putting up superstar numbers, despite not getting much national attention.

And, like always, she hits the spot.

Let’s look past “Jake from Downtown” for a second. Sunday’s win over the Colts was truly a group effort. They stuck with the same game plan as Jacksonville, a good mix of run and pass, and guess what? It works.

Watch out for Joe Mixon and Chase Brown. They are the perfect complement to each other. They found their special ingredient, and it’s delicious.

Sunday, Ja’Marr Chase broke his own personal record for single-season receptions, 88, but he is still chasing Houshmandzaeh’s record of 112. I can’t predict the future, but if he stays healthy, I think it’s fair to say he’ll gain another record by the end of the season.

I’m giving a game ball to the offensive line. Sunday, they played lights out. That’s the line that we expect to see week in and week out. They weren’t letting anyone touch Browning, and that’s the way it should be.

The defense is gaining momentum quickly. Coming off two back-to-wins, the Colts came to town and matched the Bengals with 14 points in the first half, though one score was a pick-six on a batted pass from Browning.

Then, the defense held the Colts to NOTHING in the second half. They showed grit and toughness when it counted and made big plays throughout.

The remainder of the schedule is winnable. It is not guaranteed by any means, but it is definitely winnable. The Bengals have to keep their foot on the gas as hard as they can and finish the season hard.