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Jake Browning on how Joe Burrow is helping development


Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Despite losing franchise quarterback Joe Burrow to a season-ending wrist injury, the Cincinnati Bengals offense has put together two of its best games of the season in consecutive weeks.

With Jake Browning at the helm, the Bengals have crossed 30 points two games in a row. While Burrow may not be taking snaps, he is still very involved with the team and has, in fact, been helping Browning on the sidelines.

Browning gave us some insight as to what it has been like with Burrow helping him on the sidelines.

“I was surprised,” Browning told Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer. “It was nice having him on the sideline. And I don’t know what he would say about how I was on the sideline when he was playing. But I feel like he’s just a calm voice when I come to the sideline. In those times that I might be a little hard on myself, he’s very quick to say, ‘No, I saw what you saw.’

While Burrow is only in his fourth year in the NFL, he has seen more NFL snaps than Browning, who only has three career starts.

The roles are now flipped. Browning was once the one with the clipboard, as he recalled.

“Once I started to get a feel for Joe, it was just kind of helping Joe on the sideline and in meetings. I had a fresh perspective a little bit because I hadn’t been in this offense really. So like, ‘I’ve done this, this way before,’ stuff like that. And then I think on game day just being a calm influence or calm voice on the sideline that Joe can talk to. I look at things and see if there is a kind of a tell or whatever. It was mostly off-the-field stuff.”

Burrow has sat in on team meetings on both sides of the ball. He is on the sidelines every game, doing what he can to help the team. After saying he would stay involved with his Bengals teammates, Burrow is following through.

You love to see it.