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Brian Callahan on Jake Browning: “Maybe it’s not a fluke”

The Bengals offensive coordinator is impressed with his new QB’s dedication and execution.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals Kareem Elgazzar/USA TODAY Sports Network via The Cincinnati Enquirer

Jake Browning is the talk of the town right now.

He’s been lights out in terms of efficiency and yards per attempt for the Cincinnati Bengals while leading the team to a two-game winning streak.

His offensive coordinator, Brian Callahan, is impressed, perhaps more than he ever imagined he’d be. Here’s what Callahan said about Browning:

He’s so intentional about his work during the week and he spends it spends a ton of time on it, and it turns out he’s actually a pretty good player, too. Those are all things you don’t know sometimes until you get put in the moment... I mean, he’s played as good as you could ask him to play. It’s been fantastic.

Callahan distinguished Browning and his success from other practice squad QBs who have been put in his situation:

There’s a lot of guys have been around that have been really good practice players that don’t play like Jake’s played. I think you just look at his part of his track record, of his success he’s had over his career, and it turns out that it, maybe it’s not a fluke. Maybe he’s just a really, pretty good quarterback.

We talked about what Browning and the Bengals need to do to stay hot against the Minnesota Vikings:

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