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Hamilton County allocates $39 million to Paycor Stadium upgrades

Paycor will look different over the next several years.

Oakland Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals - December 10, 2006 Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are in the middle of the AFC playoff push with four regular-season games remaining. With two on the road, the Bengals will also face off against the Minnesota Vikings and the Cleveland Browns in the Queen City to round out the year at Paycor Stadium.

Things could look quite different in the future around the stadium as well.

According to a report by Chelsea Sick with Local 12, the Hamilton County Commissioners have allocated $39 million for renovations to the stadium starting this coming offseason.

“It’s the taxpayers’ asset,” Commission VP Denise Driehaus told Sick. “The team plays there. We all want it to be in good shape, so we should all participate in fixing it and making sure it’s up to speed.”

With renovations coming to different parts inside and around the stadium, the first step will be a $4 million renovation of the club seats. This plan got approved Thursday, according to Sick.

Over the last year there has been plenty of money put into the stadium, and with more coming over the next few offseasons, the stadium will look completely different in the coming years.

With the franchise having a ton of success over the last few seasons, these improvements will only add to the fan experience. Going to be cool to watch unfold.