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Trey Hendrickson fined for late hit against Colts

The NFL gave Hendrickson a pretty big smack on the wrist.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Trey Hendrickson is leading the Cincinnati Bengals in sacks with 15 on the season, and he’s just one behind NFL sack leader T.J. Watt. He re-set the franchise record for sacks in a single season against the Vikings, and he’s still going strong.

Hendrickson is now on pace for 18 sacks on the season, and he’s grown into possibly the greatest free agent signing in Bengals history.

The NFL wasn’t overly impressed with one of Hendrickson’s quarterback hits from their win over the Indianapolis Colts, though. In fact, they were so unimpressed they decided to send Hendrickson a fine of $21,855, according to the NFL.

I mean, it was very clearly a late hit and a very rare mistake from the veteran pass rusher. It extended the Colts’ drive that ended in Gardner Minshew throwing a touchdown pass on fourth down. The penalty flag was thrown, and it should have been thrown. I’m not surprised that Hendrickson is getting fined. As for the amount, it’s a little eye-opening, but I’m no expert in how much guys get fined and for what.

It should be noted that Hendrickson had a massive game against the Colts, and helped them overcome the big shift in momentum before the half.