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5 keys to beating the Steelers

The depth must step up.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Steelers week!

Here is how the Cincinnati Bengals can get the win.

Don’t Burst the Browning Bubble

Backup quarterbacks often come out of the gate swinging just to disappoint in their second or third start: Not Jake Browning. Browning’s second and third starts were his best games. So when will the ground fall from below his feet?

Hopefully, never.

Four games is a pretty good sample size. That being said, there is that fear that the cliff could be right around the corner. For this team to win, Browning has to keep playing at a high level.

Pass Catchers Step Up

Tee Higgins stepped up in a big way last week. With Ja’Marr Chase out, Higgins will need to be a star again. Although Tyler Boyd and Trenton Irwin will pick up a lot of the slack, I’d really like to see them use this as an opportunity to get Andrei Iosivas more involved.

I would love to see Iosivas make a big splash play down the field this week.

Step up on DL

The loss of D.J. Reader is a massive one to this defensive front. The guy who really stepped up last week in his place was Zach Carter. Carter had an impressive game and really stepped up on the quarterback sneaks in overtime. He will need to continue to shine in order for the Bengals to win this one.

Pressure the Quarterback

Mason Rudolph?

While he’s no stud, the Bengals have got to put pressure on him and confuse him with their coverages. This plays right into the defense’s young talent. Guys like pass rusher Myles Murphy and versatile safety Dax Hill need to step up and have a big game.

Run the Rock

They’ve got something good going with this run game and the one-two-punch of Joe Mixon and Chase Brown. They have got to keep that up to take some pressure off of Browning and the passing game and open up big play opportunities.

Simple as that.