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The Bengals appeared to get screwed twice by refs in 4th quarter vs. Chiefs

NFL officiating is bad. Rinse and repeat.

Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

NFL officiating is bad. Time and time again this season, we’ve seen painful examples of this, including this past Saturday’s thriller between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions.

Sadly, the Cincinnati Bengals are the latest team to fall victim to what appeared to be some brutally bad calls by officials.

Not once but twice did the Bengals seemingly come up on the short end of a questionable call in what turned out to be a one-score loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, which eliminated Cincinnati from the NFL Playoffs.

Making matters worse is both calls came in the fourth quarter of a game decided by eight points.

The first was an intentional grounding call on Jake Browning that frankly made no sense.

That call was at least somewhat debatable.

The second call was not, as the Chiefs clearly had Chris Jones lined up offsides on a play that turned into a critical sack.

Just make them full-time already. It’s a joke that employees who make such a big impact on a billion-dollar business aren’t full-time to begin with.

Of course, that’s not going to change Bengals fans’ opinions on officiating at Arrowhead Stadium, and you can’t exactly blame them, either.