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Bengals run worst series of trick plays in NFL history vs. Jaguars

That bad.

As 10-point underdogs, the Cincinnati Bengals gave the Jacksonville Jaguars all they could handle and then some in their Week 13 showdown.

Unfortunately, when the Bengals offense was in control on multiple occasions, they ran a trick play that went horribly wrong.

The first came on a pitch to Ja’Marr Chase in the first quarter, in which he threw the ball back to Jake Browning but was stuffed for a seven-yard loss, which eventually led to a missed 57-yard field goal by Even McPherson.

To be fair, that play failed in part because Chase stumbled, causing a delay in his throwback to Browning.

But the second trick-play call play by Zac Taylor was inexcusable.

With Taylor calling a near-masterful game to this point with Browning under center in place of the injured Joe Burrow, the Bengals head coach decided to dip back into the trick plays in the third quarter with the game tied at 21-all.

Unfortunately, it went as bad as a trick play can go.

The play began with Tyler Boyd catching a backwards pass on first down, then attempted to throw the ball back to Browning, but he threw it right into the waiting arms of Jags defender Josh Allen for the easiest interception of his life.

That led to an eventual Jaguars touchdown after Trevor Lawrence snuck the ball into the end zone on 4th-and-Goal from the 1-yard line.

Let’s hope these plays don’t cost the Bengals in what’s otherwise been a good performance by them overall in primetime without the services of QB1.