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Bengals vs. Jaguars Twitter reactions from a wild road MNF win


This game had the makings of a slaughter.

The Cincinnati Bengals were coming in without their franchise quarterback, Joe Burrow. Jake Browning was making his second start ever, and the defense had just given up a billion yards to the lowly Steelers. The Jacksonville Jaguars were looking to take a hold on the top seed of the AFC.

Things got off to a rocky start, and it looked like the offense was going to struggle again. The first couple of drives were ugly.

But then Browning started to get his feet under him, driving down the field to score a touchdown.

The defense was still struggling at times, though, giving up a couple of chunk plays. The Jaguars took a 14-7 lead.

But Browning, at this point, decided he had enough of everyone talking about Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence, and decided people needed to talk about him for a little while.

The Bengals offense, after the first couple drives, looked better than it has for most of the season, even with Burrow under center.

Browning even hit Chase on a deep bomb, something that looked almost impossible after last week’s game.

After trailing for the first time in the game, the Jaguars started to drive the ball down the field again. The Jags were able to tie it up after a weird play that was almost a Dax Hill interception.

And then, the first big mistake of the game was made. The Bengals tried to run another trick play, and this one didn’t just not work, it was a disaster, setting the Jaguars up in great field position.

Lawrence scored on a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-goal a few plays later, taking a 28-21 lead after the extra point, which took us into the fourth quarter.

The Bengals defense was able to get the ball back into Browning’s hand, and while it didn’t look pretty all the time, the Bengals drove down the field and tied the game at 28!

The Jaguars were driving down the field when disaster hit for Jacksonville. Left tackle Walker Little stepped on Lawrence’s ankle, and the quarterback went down. When he attempted to put weight on it, he couldn’t and threw his helmet off in frustration. He had to be helped off the field and didn’t return.

The Bengals took over with a little less than five minutes left in the game, and the score still tied 28-28 thanks to a missed Jaguars field goal. The Bengals were stopped but were able to set Evan McPherson up to take the lead with a 54-yard field goal.

The Bengals were leading 31-28 with 2:28 left in the game.

Jaguars backup quarterback C.J. Beathard took over with a little over 2 minutes left in the game, and just when you think the Bengals got things under control, the wheels fell off.

Beathard drove the Jaguars down the field, thanks to a couple more chunk plays given up by the defense, including a long catch-and-run from Travis Etienne. The Bengals were able to get in field goal range and tie the game up with just 26 seconds left in the game.

The Jaguars got the ball first, and it looked like things were going to go their way, but a holding penalty and a few defensive plays later, the ball was back in Browning’s hands, with a chance to win the game.

And that’s exactly what the Bengals did. Browning, with help from Chase, Higgins, and others, got the Bengals into field goal range, and McPherson ended with a 48-yard field goal.

What a fun game, and now some other Tweets on the awesome show the Bengals put on tonight!

Who Dey!