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Orlando Brown Jr.’s “jackass” comment was directed at ESPN analysts who picked Bengals to lose

This is a team with a lot of pride.

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Unio / USA TODAY NETWORK

One of the iconic moments from the Cincinnati Bengals’ surprise win over the Jacksonville Jaguars was when Orlando Brown Jr. finished a celebration of Joe Mixon’s first touchdown by saying “Jackass!” directly into a camera.

While the comment may have seemed random at first, the big left tackle recently explained its significance: “I was getting ready pregame. I seen all the picks pregame, and everyone had Jacksonville out there to win. I don’t know. It just seemed right in the moment.”

Remember, the game was being broadcast on ABC and ESPN, and the analysts for the latter—Scott Van Pelt, Ryan Clark, Marcus Spears, and Larry Fitzgerald—all picked the Bengals to lose.

So you can imagine a player signed from the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs to a team coming off back-to-back AFC Championship game appearances taking that a little personally.

It’s a great sign that this team still believes in itself and considers the naysayers to be... not so smart.