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5 keys to beating the Colts

Keep it rolling.

Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

As everyone expected, the Bengals got the road win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football, largely based on an impressive performance by quarterback Jake Browning.

Wait... nobody saw that coming?

Well, they aren’t going to see this run coming either. Number 9 may be sidelined for the season, but this team is poised to make a late push just the same. Here is what they need to do to make it two in a row.

Explosive Plays

The Bengals have struggled to generate explosive plays this season, but they made it happen on Monday night. Unfortunately, they also gave up a lot of explosive plays. They need to have more runs of 12 or more and passes of 16 or more that their opponents. This will help them score without having to gain first down after first down to matriculate down the field.

Special Teams

Another way to stay in control of the scoreboard is to give yourself good field position. The Bengals special teams units have been impressive this year. Both the return teams and the coverage units, are consistently setting the team up for success. The youth and speed of this roster is really showing itself in the kick game, and I am here for it.

Chase a Mixed Backfield

We finally got a nice mix of Jor Mixon and Chase Brown in the backfield and woah nelly was it fun to see. They need to keep that going and increase Brown’s usage as the season goes on. Both he and Mixon can serve a key role in this team’s success.

+ Turnovers

The Bengals have got to protect the ball on offense and generate turnovers on defense in order to be successful. From Logan Wilson to D.J. Turner, this defense is stacked with guys who can make these turnovers happen and turn them into points. They have got to get it down.

Red Zone D

Dax Hill had a chance at a Red Zone pick a week ago, that could have been a major swing in the game. They need to hunker down in the red zone and win in the red zone, whether it be through turnovers or through forcing field goals.