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Joe Burrow shares his thoughts on Chiefs’ comments following AFC Championship

Safe to say you have to be able to take it if you are going to give it.

NFL: AFC Championship-Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals seemingly became villains following their win in the Divisional Round against the Buffalo Bills. The team celebrated their win and stuck it to the NFL directly with talks of sending out refunds for those who had purchased the absurdly expensive neutral site game. Cornerback Mike Hilton also said they were headed to “Burrowhead.”

The Kansas City Chiefs clearly heard all of that based on their post-game comments celebrating their first victory over the Bengals in four tries. Many of them cited the Burrowhead talk after their victory.

Joe Burrow himself doesn’t seem to mind the chatter from Kansas City.

“I just think that’s what makes football fun,” Burrow told Geoff Hobson of “It’s all love at the end of the day. They know the respect that we have for them, and we know the respect that they have for us. It’s an intense, emotional game and things like that are going to happen, but I think that’s why the game is fun.”

It is hard to disagree with the quarterback. We all had a lot of fun while the team is winning, but we know how it goes when you lose.

The frustration from Cincinnati fans — outside of their team’s season being over — is that we have rarely been in this position where we even feel comfortable talking. The later part of the Marvin Lewis era really tore down any kind of confidence you could have in the Bengals. Those teams got made fun of and talked down to. Seeing this team being treated similarly sucks. It also has been rare for the Bengals fan base to be able to pop off, so being called out for it can be disheartening.

That is the game though. You better bet this is only one of many games these teams will be facing each other in, so anything said from this past weekend is just fuel for that next matchup down the line.