What Moves Would You Make?

QB: Burrow, Allen....a better backup never hurts but Burrow is about to get paid and make affording one difficult. My opinion stay put

RB: Mixon, Perine, Evans, Williams... I still dont get the lack of playing time for Evans. Mixon's contract could make him an interesting situation to watch. I wouldnt be against drafting somebody in middle rounds.

WR: Chase, Higgins, Boyd, Irwin, Taylor, Morgan....i could see everyone next year but Taylor. If they can find a way to pay Burrow, Higgins and Chase over next 3 years we will be in a good spot. I think draft is need. FA is becoming overpriced here unless you find a cheap alternative that is ring searching.

OL: Williams, Volsten, Karras, Cappa, Collins, Carmen, Hill, Sharping, Smith, Adeniji, Prince. We need to draft OT. Preferrably a RT in mu opinion. Collins will not be ready to start season and Adeniji gets bullied. He is a better tackle than guard but he will always be a backup. Experimenting with Carmen at guard also needs to stop. He is a better tackle than guard too. He actually surprised me in playoffs. Getting an OT and OG in draft certainly wouldnt bother me. Overpaying Williams will.

TE: Hurst, Sample, Wilcox, Assisi. Bye bye Sample. Would love to see Hurst back. Certainly draft is possibility. Not too much out there for FA unless replacing backups.

DL: Hubbard, Reader, Hill, Hendrickson, Sample, Carter, Ossai, Tufele, Tupou, Gunter. I am good with DEs right now even though draft experts show it as need. I think a roadhog like Reader is a bigger draft need. Would not be against upgrade for Hill either but overall line has been good. The cost or the line is going to become factor over next 2 years as needs for key offensive players around Burrow come due.

LB: Pratt, Wilson, Akeem-Gaithers, Bailey, Batchie, Johnston. Count me in the resign Pratt group. I know this going to hurt but this is the best our LBs have looked in both run and pass coverage in a long time. AFFORDING both Pratt and Wilson though is going to hurt.

CB: Awuzie, Apple, Taylor Britt, Hilton, Davis, Flowers, George....Awuzie wont be ready to start year so drafting another CB not out of the question. I actually would be good with bringing Apple back if on cheap. Need depth help from somewhere. I dont see Flowers back. George still intrigues me.

Safety: Bates, Bell, Hill, Anderson, Thomas, Wilson...count me among the people in the oh shit column if we lose both Bates and Bell. Dax Hill has shown me absolutely nothing. We are going to lose one if not both starting safeties. It is going to hurt.

Kicker. Money mac is set

LS..I think Adomitis is set. Harris I think retires.

P: Crismann. Yikes against Chiefs. He may be there next year but I would not be shocked at a 5th theu 7th round flyer on a punter.

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