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Joe Burrow is the best QB in the NFL, according to Carson Palmer

“He just has that ability unlike anybody else.”

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LVI - Wednesday Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

High praise from one No. 9 to another.

Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer made the rounds at Super Bowl media week, including a conversation with Jim Rome. Palmer was asked about what he likes best about current Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, and he claimed him as the NFL’s best QB.

“I think he’s the best quarterback and that’s not a knock on any quarterback,” Palmer said. “There’s four or five that are really, really great. There’s two or three that are once in a lifetime—Patrick Mahomes is one of them. ... You look at this team he got to the Super Bowl last year and the offensive line, he was magical in the pocket. He would always seem to keep his eyes downfield, not look at the rush, and find the soft spot in the pocket to deliver the ball accurately down the field.”

There’s a lot of respect in that statement, and for good reason.

Palmer made it known before the Bengals drafted Burrow about the situation he believed the young quarterback was getting in to. His time with the team over a decade ago instilled a belief in him that the franchise wasn’t committed to winning, so for him to see Burrow make a trip to the Super Bowl with his former team must’ve made a huge impression.

“Nobody plays the game with the poise he does within the pocket,” Palmer said. “When things are breaking down, going to Buffalo, hostile environment, bad weather, find a way to dominate the game. He just has that ability unlike anybody else.”

Granted, Palmer has always been a fan of Burrow, but everything the 26-year old passer has done with the Bengals has elevated him to the top of the league in his eyes.