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Ravens did not assure OC candidates that Lamar Jackson would be there next season

Add this to the fuel for the fire of Lamar Jackson moving on from the Ravens, but it’s hard to see the Ravens actually doing this.

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

You would imagine that the Baltimore Ravens had one of the hottest positions available with their offensive coordinator spot opening up this offseason. We saw plenty of huge names interview, and ultimately still landed Todd Monken who led back-to-back National Championship offenses at Georgia.

The big story to come out of this, according to Jordan Schultz from other coaches who interviewed for the job, is that the Ravens couldn’t provide full assurance that Lamar Jackson would be the quarterback in 2023. That isn’t what you want to hear when you are potentially signing up to run an offense that has been built around what Jackson does as a quarterback.

This will be the nature of the beast as it seems Jackson and Baltimore won’t be coming to an agreement on a long-term deal. There have been rumors that Jackson wants guaranteed money similar to what Deshaun Watson got when the Cleveland Browns traded for him. That has been disputed by Jackson, himself.

If the two sides can’t come to an agreement on a contract, the Ravens will franchise tag Jackson. That opens the window for any other quarterback-needy team to swoop in and potentially offer Jackson the deal he wants (on top of giving up the necessary pick compensation to pry him from Baltimore).

The short of it is that there is a chance Jackson is playing for another team next season if there is a team willing to pay the money and draft capital required, but the draft picks Baltimore would want will likely prove too much for anyone to strike a deal.